Our Story

ADIKAE (ಅಡಿಕೆ) means Arecanut in Kannada is having another phenomenal definition after ARS Engineering entered the market.

ADIKAE – ARS Distributors & Industries in Karnataka for Arecanut Entrepreneurs has been launched for the upliftment of Arecanut planters.

ADIKAE means a lot to Arecanut planters and farmers, where the Arecanut farmers can sell or buy Arecanut Sheaths in the HUB in their respective areas.

ADIKAE encourages Entrepreneurship by making each member of the HUB a professional and independent stake holders.

ADIKAE provides entire technical support for manufacturing of plates for their HUB members.

ADIKAE gives training to their members, so that die changing, coil replacement etc. can be easily done by their members.

Moreover, dedicated Service Engineers will also be available for ADIKAE HUB members.

ADIKAE ensures planning, process, procurement and production of Plates to all their HUB members.

ADIKAE will be a single point contact for the customers as well as the Entrepreneurs.

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